Rhapsody in Blue

A creation of mine from 1994/5. Just right for an evening with Gershwin.

1/3 vodka
1/3 blue curaçao
1/3 crème de cacao (white)

Stir, don't shake, and serve in a Martini glass.

Belgian Alexander

Adapting the classic Brandy Alexander to a nuttier, Belgian chocolate taste.

1/3 brandy
1/6 crème de cacao (brown)
1/6 noisettine
1/3 cream (single is my preference)

Shake well, and pour into a Martini glass.


Curaçao. A tricky one. The squiggle under the c is called a cedilla and means the c is soft. A good approximation for English speakers is koor-uh-sow (sow as in pig). An alternate spelling, curaçoa, might sound like kyoor-uh-soh.

Cacao. Somewhere between ka-kow and ka-ka-ow.