The name Koby doesn't particularly mean anything. It's just a contraction of Kobayashi, a name I use for playing games online. My real name is Gavin, but that's about all the personal info you're going to get.

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21 Apr. Figured out why IE6 was shifting my margin over to the left edge of the screen on the Sophie index page. It didn't like a clear: right setting in the following paragraph.

2 Mar. Minor stylistic changes to this and Sophie index page, making links clearer, etc.

25 Feb. Been experimenting with embedded fonts for these web pages. However, support for Opentype or Truedoc, the two types of embedding available seems to be patchy or non-existent in recent browsers. So, I don't think I'll be using either technology anytime soon.

I've settled on a new default font though, Microsoft's Georgia. Whilst some serif fonts don't show up well on web pages, this one isn't bad.

18 Feb. Redesigned this index page for latest news. Deleted Linux Gaming section as I don't have the resources to keep it up-to-date.

14 Feb. Tweaked main Sophie index page, removing table and replacing it with div-float-left tags.

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